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Customized, Clean Design
We design websites which are customized to suit your individuality, never from premade templates. Clean, uncluttered design helps keep the message on point and engages the viewer.

Statistics show that a website's visitors will decide within 10 seconds on average whether or not they will stay or go elsewhere.

Functionality and Usability
Is the website useful to its visitors? Does it convey the intended message? A website that lacks functionality is pointless. We will discuss with you in detail your marketing goals and target audience in order to make your project a success.

Ease of Navigation
When visiting a website, few things are as frustrating as poor navigation. The information should be intuitive and easy to locate, instead of confusing the visitor to the point of giving up and going elsewhere. Ease of navigation can also result in increased sales and return business.

Content is King
Your website's content must be fast-loading, attract customers and hold their interest. It should be not only informative and fresh, but pleasing to the eye and captivating as well. Statistics tell that these factors will keep visitors on your website longer and coming back for more.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your online goals by providing you with a cost-effective web presence. We take the time to discuss your needs, assess your presentation options for the web, and plan deployment of your website to optimize its success, no matter what its purpose. Our goal is to deliver the most effective, attractive website in a cost effective manner.

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Mohamed Ibrahim, M.D. Valley Hanf Surgery, Modesto, CA


Mohamed Ibrahim, M.D. is a board-certified surgeon. Practice includes all aspects of hand, wrist, peripheral nerve, and surgery. Visit Valley Hand Surgery website.

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Spotlite Design accepts PayPal
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